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SolarSystem 550 Led Grow Light
SolarSystem 550 Led  Grow Light
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SolarSystem 550 Led Grow Light


The amazing value, USA-built, Solar System 550 (‘SS550’) LED grow light has a 400W power draw and is a direct replacement for a 600W HPS light.  

The SS550 uses top quality Osram SSL LEDs, proven design and in-house manufacturing from California Lightworks who have been making LED grow lights for several years for USA commercial growers of herbs, fruit and veg.  

The SS550 comes with a 5 Year Limited Warranty.  The LEDs will provide many years of use and come with tough custom-built drivers and a metal-core printed circuit board for maximum reliability.  The ultra-reliable silent cooling fans provide additional cooling for the generously sized aluminium heat sink which keeps the LED board at a low temperature and maximises the output and efficiency of the high quality Osram LEDs.  

California Lightworks have used this proven and highly reliable commercial growlight design for several years, with all manufacturing taking place in their California Headquarters. 


controller warning

  • 400W power draw, replaces a 600W HPS but with less heat production and lower running/energy costs
  • Adjustable power from 0-100% (CONTROLLER NEEDED!).  The SS550 is the only light you need for germination, seedlings and mature plants. There is no need for separate fluorescent lighting for seedlings and metal halide lights for vegetive growth.  The SS550 performs all the necessary functions in your grow room.  You can save money on energy costs by steadily increasing LED power levels as your plants grow, starting with low energy and increasing to 100% power in full bloom.
  • Adjustable spectrum(CONTROLLER NEEDED!).  Independent control of the red, white and blue LEDs allow you to find the perfect growing spectrum for your favourite varieties.  If your Sativa is stretching too much you can reduce the red spectrum and increase the blue to reduce internodal distance.  If your indica is to short you can reduce blue light and increase red spectrum to increase internode distance and build a bigger plant structure.  And you can turn off both blue and red light to view your plants in the special ‘White Light’ plant inspection mode.  The SS550 brings professional levels of controllability into the hands of the home grower.
  • Proven Design.  Several years of grow light manufacture has resulted in a highly reliable and fully proven LED grow light with superior quality components and a design you can trust.  California Lightworks have supplied USA commercial growers with LED grow lights for several years - the technology and designs are tried and tested.
  • Sunrise/sunset option(CONTROLLER NEEDED!).  Some cultivators believe that plants can’t adjust instantly to full light intensity, it causes stress and the plants may need up to half an hour to wake from sleep and start to photosynthesise at full speed.  The SS550 allows you the option to steadily increase/decrease light power at the start/end of the day to replicate the more natural light transitions of the sun.
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

Programmable controller not included

The programmable hand controller is what really sets the SS550 apart from the competition.  It allows you full digital control over your grow room, and takes you away from the primitive non-adjustability of old HPS lights.  

Without the controller the SS550 will still work well, but it automatically sets the red, blue and white LEDs to 100%.  If you buy a controller it allows you to control dozens of the SS550 lights which can be daisy chained together with cables.  This means you can control a complete grow room with just one hand-held controller.

  • Independently adjust the red LEDs from 0-100% power
  • Independently adjust the blue LEDs from 0-100% power
  • Independently adjust the white LEDs from 0-100% power
  • Creation of customised gradual sunrise/sunset modes.
  • Creation of entire grow schedules with different daily/weekly spectrum/power settings.  The controller has enough memory for several months worth of unique user light settings to be pre-programmed.  Its easy to reprogram or even download and use settings from other growers.


We understand that many home growers like to link several grow lights together, and with the SS550 that is easy to do.  Each light has its own power cable.  If you are controlling all your SS550 lights from a single controller then the controller needs to be plugged into one of the SS550 lights.  The remaining SS550 lights are all daisy chained to the first SS550 with standard ‘telephone-style’ connection cables. Using this system you can control a grow room full of SS550 lights.


Input Voltage 120-240V AC
Max Current 3.3A @ 120V
Operating Frequency 50Hz - 60Hz
Power Consumption 400Watts
Total PPF Output (uMoles/s) 620
Efficiency* (uMoles/s/W) 1.55
Weight 5.9 Kg
Dimensions 46 x 22 x 10cm
Operating Temperature -18°C to 55°C
Warranty 5 Year Limited Warranty
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