Floor Secure Grow room Sheeting 4m x 5m

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Floor Secure Grow room Sheeting  4m x 5m

Floor Secure Grow room Sheeting 4m x 5m



Protect your floor from water damage and use it as a reflective surface

  • Particularly robust and tear-resistant film
  • High reflectivity of the white surface
  • 4 metres wide, 5 metres long

When growing indoors, there is always the risk of large amounts of water getting onto the floor. This can quickly become expensive and lead to trouble. If you line the floor of your growroom or grow box with Floor Secure Growroom floor film and pull up the sides sufficiently, you are safely protected from water damage.

Tear-resistant and highly reflective

The Floor Secure floor foil is white and has a high degree of reflection. This means that all the light that falls on the floor is thrown back into the grow room and can be used by your plants. The foil is also made of a particularly tear-resistant material, so you don't have to worry about damage if you want to move pots, for example.

The film is free of harmful substances and does not outgas

Floor Secure Growroom floor film is made from materials that are also used in food processing. It does not outgas - so there are no unpleasant and harmful odours as with cheap plastics.

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