Lighthouse Ecoheat - 80 Watt / 608mm

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Lighthouse Ecoheat - 80 Watt / 608mm

Lighthouse Ecoheat - 80 Watt / 608mm



Lighthouse Ecoheat - 80 Watt / 608mm

The Lighthouse Heater is a great way to help maintain a consistent climate in the grow area during difficult cooler months, creating even, radiated warmth for smaller sized grows, reducing the need for concentrated heat sources that can cause burning and safety issues.

  •     Helps to maintain a consistent climate
  •     Raises temps without the need for a concentrated heat source
  •     Far superior to cheaply made alternatives
  •     Splash-resistant design
  •     Low power consumption – very economical
  •     Can be used safely with most timers
  •     Super-sturdy plastic feet
  •     Can be mounted using screws to a wall or floor

The Lighthouse Ecoheat Contains:

1 x 80 Watt / 608mm Tube Heater

How the Lighthouse Ecoheat Works:

To grow successfully, you’re going to need to maintain a consistent environment. Plants thrive at temperatures of around 25-28 degrees centigrade during the ‘lights on’ period and at 18 degrees in darkness. As winter approaches, maintaining these temperatures can become difficult without some form of supplementary heating, especially during hours when lighting is switched off. For this reason, we recommend the use of a tube heater whenever readings drop below optimal levels.

This heater is incredibly economical, running at only 80 watts, and radiates enough heat to warm up a small to medium sized space by a few degrees (depending on the external environment). Because it functions more similarly to a radiator than a heater, the end result is a consistent warming of the surrounding air, without a single point of excessive heat to damage plants or cause safety issues. It's also splash-resistant, forming a sealed unit, unlike cheaper, and vastly inferior, alternatives which may even pose a safety hazard.

For complete control, the heater can be connected to a thermostat, so that, whenever the temperature drops below 18, it will kick into action. This way, consistent temperatures can be maintained with very little hassle.

Using the Tube Heater:

The Tube Heater is very simple to set-up and run. All that is required is for the unit to be plugged in and used in a sensible area away from liquids, ensuring that the outer edges of the heater make no contact with any external materials, such as tent fabric, plastic or plant matter.

One strategy to get the most from your tube heater during colder months is to schedule the heater to switch on as the lights turn off, at the beginning of the dark cycle. As heat from lighting equipment dissipates, the Lighthouse Ecoheat will provide enough warmth to maintain temperatures in the correct range for small grows during dark hours. This will, of course, be dependent on the surroundings.

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