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Homebox Ambient Q240+ (240 cm x 240 cm x 220 cm)
Homebox Ambient Q240+ (240 cm x 240 cm x 220 cm)
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Homebox Ambient Q240+ (240 cm x 240 cm x 220 cm)

HOMEbox® Ambient Q240+ The Ultimate Growing Powerhouse!

Get the premium class with this awesome square grow tent. A colossal 5.76 square metres of growing space - perfect for up to four 600 watt HID air-cooled grow lights or nine 400 watt grow lights. Of course, the HOMEbox® Ambient Q240+ comes complete with our exclusive PAR+ super reflective internal coating, helping to create the ultimate indoor growing environment.

The Ambient Q240+ is complemented by an impressive bank of ventilation ports including twin 250mm (10") air-ports on each side for independent air-cooled reflector ventilation. This affords professional growers the ability to optimise garden temperature without stripping too much relative humidity through over-ventilating the garden itself. Double side access, twin 300mm (12") roof ventilation ports and six Omni-Flow directable air vents give the professional grower all the tools needed in order to create and maintain the most productive and rewarding indoor garden imaginable.

Assembled size: 240 x 240 x 220 cm
Grow space: 5,76m²

  • High-tech design and technology made in Germany
  • Stepless barrier-free excess possible
  • Tough, impermeable and dirt-repellent materials for long durability
  • Resistant external material
  • Removable, water-resistant flooring
  • Second floor element attached to the tent with an all-round zipper
  • Tubes:
  • + 8x 100 mm: 2x back side, 2x left side, 3x right side
  • + 4x 250mm: 2x back side 2x front side
  • + 2x 300 mm: 1x left side, 1x right side
  • + 4x 350 mm: 2x left side, 2x right side
  • MicroMesh insect screen with 700-micron mesh size
  • PAR+ super reflective internal coating promotes faster growth and higher yields
  • Generous side windows right and left - individual access and uncomplicated plant care possible
  • Super stable metal structure with 22mm diameter, strong, precise wrought plastic connectors
  • Total-Blackout Zippers - no need for Velcro flaps
  • Once closed, the unit is entirely sealed and lightproof
  • All components are exchangeable
  • Maximum capacity: up to 150 kg
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