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Fortefog Insect Killer Mini Fumer 3,5g
Fortefog Insect Killer Mini Fumer 3,5g
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Fortefog Insect Killer Mini Fumer 3,5g


The powerful and easy to use fumer for effective control of crawling and flying insects such as fleas, bed-bugs, ants cockroaches, stored product insects etc. and flying insects such as houseflies, cluster flies, fruit flies, wasps, moths in the situations shown below. Forte Fog Fumers are easy to use multi-purpose products using an insecticide of low mammalian toxicity for insect control in enclosed spaces in hard to treat areas without the need for additional spray equipment. Forte Fog Fumers are the strong fumer alternative. Forte Fog Fumers are ideal for use in areas that are difficult to control by normal spraying methods or where the spraying of water or solvent based insecticides is not possible or desirable.

The safe use of insecticides and the avoidance of operator contamination is becoming more and more important to professional and private pest control operators. With Forte Fog Fumers operator contamination is eliminated and risk of spillage removed completely. Forte Fog Fumers are ready to use. They are completely self-contained. No additional chemicals are needed. No mixing or complicated calculations are required. Light the fuse and walk away; it couldn't be easier.

Forte Fog Fumers are at least 25% more powerful than comparable products on the market. The additional killing power is a security cushion to provide extra confidence to the user that the right product has been chosen.

Forte Fog Fumers do not have a lingering smell and whilst the smoke should not be breathed it is not pungent nor does it leave any residual smell or deposit once the treatment is complete.

Uses The fog will control insects present at the time of treatment by direct contact action (space treatment). Forte Fog Fumers may be used in the following situations:

Area of Use Examples
Domestic: Private housing kitchens, Bedrooms/Beds, garages and stores etc.
Food handling Processing: food manufacture, kitchens, slaughterhouses, etc.
Storage: food retailers, warehouses, raw material stores etc.
Preparation: restaurants, commercial kitchens, etc.
Public Buildings: Hospitals, hotels, public baths, municipal buildings, churches, halls, community centres, cinemas, etc.
Animal Premises: Small scale pet shops, kennels, veterinary practices, laboratory animal houses etc.
Grain Stores Silos, etc.
Forte Fog Fumers may be used to treat empty bins and stores, or in spaces where stored foodstuffs are protected from deposits of the insecticide by means of a simple covering. Delicate fabrics such as silk or rayon (viscose) should not be exposed to the smoke.

When fumers are used in the control of fleas or bed bugs, the following additional measures are recommended.

Fleas: to ensure control of infestations associated with domesticated animals, the animal(s) should be treated with a suitable dust, shampoo or dip, and their bedding and other infested areas should also be treated with fumers or insect powder, following thorough cleaning of the premises.

Bed bugs: thorough cleaning, including laundering of bedding, will also assist the control of bed-bug infestations. In addition, the bed and mattress should be treated with fumers or insect powder.

Fortefog Mini Fumers should be applied at the following rate

Flying insects such as Flies, Mosquitoes, moths, cluster flies – 1 fumer per 120cubic metres

Fleas – 1 fumer per 30 cubic metres

Bed Bugs, Ants, Cockroaches and other crawling insects - 1 fumer per 7.5 cubic metres.

For the extermination of crawling insects (eg bed bugs, fleas) we recommend a combination of fumers and surface treatments for maximum eradication. Repeat treatments may be necessary Please see our section on pest control kits.

Each Fumer smokes for between 40 seconds to a minute.

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