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Iflow Co2 Bag
Iflow Co2 Bag
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Iflow Co2 Bag

The iFlow CO2 Bag is 100% organic and has specially been designed to optimize your plants growing climate. Plant growth is based on a few factors, of which CO2 levels are very important. In its process of photosynthesis, plants convert sunlight, water and CO2 into carbohydrates that they need.

CO² and photosynthesis

Plant growth is based on a few factors, of which the CO2 level is an important one. In its process of photosynthesis, the plant converts sunlight, water and CO2 into the carbohydrates it needs. CO2 deficiencies often result in restricted growth, especially common in indoor grow situations with artificial lighting. An optimized CO2 level will grow bigger plants and generate bigger yields.

Very easy to use

Just secure your iFlow CO2 into the growing environment and it will do its job continuously, 24/7 for 30 weeks without maintenance or refill. As CO2 molecules are slightly heavier than O2 molecules, the result will be best when the iFlow CO2 is placed just above your plants. With the reusable Velcro fastening system you can place it practically anywhere. You can even attach one below the other.

How does it function

iFlow CO2 is a 100% ecological and bio-certified natural substrate of small wood snipes, inoculated with a non-fruiting mycelium. While the mycelium grows into the substrate it generates CO2, which is being exhaled into the growing environment via the micro-porous breather patch.

With the optimized Co2 level provided by the iFlow CO2 bag, plants will grow bigger and generate bigger yields without any effort!

How To Use your iFlow CO2 bag:

  • Remove the flap on the front of the iFlow bag to activate the CO2.
  • Place the Co2 bag into your grow area and it will continuously provide CO2 24/7 for up to 30 weeks without maintenance or refilling.
  • With the velcro fastening system provided with the CO2 bag, you can easily hang the bag anywhere you would like, you can even attach one bag below the other.
  • As CO2 molecules are slightly heavier than O2 molecules, the result will be best if you place your iFlow CO2 bag slightly above your plants.
  • 1 iFlow CO2 bag will produce enough CO2 for 4 – 6 plants.
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