Newa Maxi Jet 1000 Water Pump (1000L/Hr)

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Newa Maxi Jet 1000 Water Pump (1000L/Hr)

Newa Maxi Jet 1000 Water Pump (1000L/Hr)



Newa MaxiJet Water Pump, a powerful submersible water pump. Furthermore, used in the NFT, ebb and Flood and propagation systems. Also suitable for any DIY hydro systems.

Newa Maxi-jet water pumps are one of the market leaders in aquatic pumps. They have a high output with a low power consumption, it can be used externally or submerged in water.

- Waterproof rotating 360º water outlet

- Silent, 

- Versatile, 

- Low-maintenance

- Protected motor will not overheat

-  Innovative 3-suction cup mount support bracket

Made in Italy

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