Guard 'n' Aid DiatoMITE 500g

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Guard 'n' Aid DiatoMITE 500g

Guard 'n' Aid DiatoMITE 500g



Guard 'n' Aid DiatoMITE is a naturally occurring solution for all insect problems. Containing no harmful pesticides, it not only protects plants, it aids in their growth and development as an anti-caking feed additive. The silica present in Guard 'n' Aid DiatoMITE provides the plant with energy and reinforces its ability to protect itself against stress. It’s an all-round solution to any crawling insect problems that leaves you with a clear conscience, great environmental credentials and bigger, better plant life.  

How it works:

Formed from diatomaceous earth -- a naturally occurring silica based soft rock. It works by drawing away the moisture essential for insect life alongside fats and oils making an inhospitable environment for insects to develop.

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