Plagron Alga Grow 500ml

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Plagron Alga Grow 500ml

Plagron Alga Grow 500ml



Alga Grow is dedicated to the grow phase of the plant. It contains a precisely balanced ratio of nitrogen, phosphate and potash that are directly absorb-able for the plant and will optimize the growth on a natural basis.
Alga Grow is a liquid organic fertilizer to be used in the growth phase of the plant. The basis of Alga Grow contains sea algae which are absorbed very quickly. Alga-Grow provides a healthy steady growth and a better root development. It gives a first step towards a healthy, strong and full flowering plant. Alga Grow is specially designed for organic growing on soil or coco. Alga Grow can also be used with a nitrogen deficiency in your plants.

-A nitrogen deficiency is indicated by yellow leaves.

-Nitrogen provides a uniform and optimal growth.

-Phosphorus improves root development and encourages flowering.

-Potassium is responsible for transporting nutrients and increases the overall resistance.

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