Advanced Nutrients Revive 1L

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Advanced Nutrients Revive 1L

Advanced Nutrients Revive 1L



Advanced Nutrients Revive (1-0-0) is the perfect crop repair formula for times when your plants are suffering and need immediate help from heat, stress, insects, bad fertilizers, disease or other grow room problems.

Loaded with safe forms of iron and other rejuvenating nutrients, this first aid kit for plants can save your crop and give you a successful harvest instead of a total loss.


May be used in foliar, soil, or hydroponic solutions. Do NOT apply under direct sun or HID light.


To correct deficiencies add solution 5 ml Revive per liter (1 tsp. per quart) in nutrient tank. Test pH and TDS (adjust to normal levels if needed). Repeat after one week if necessary.

Regular Feeding Program:

To increase concentration of these essential elements in your solution use at 1 ml per litre (1 tsp. per gallon). Repeat after one week if necessary.

Foliar Spray:

Use 3 ml per liter of water (3 tsp. per gallon). Repeat after one week if necessary.

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