CAN Lite 300 Carbon Filter 125mm Flange

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CAN Lite 300 Carbon Filter 125mm Flange

CAN Lite 300 Carbon Filter 125mm Flange



Can Lite 300/125mm Flange

Plastic framed Can Lite filter with maximum capacity of 300 m3/h. 

The new filters Can Lite use a type of carbon called Lite.  What makes Lite carbon so effective in filtering the air is the micro-meso pores structure that is perfectly adapted to absorb the smell molecules in the hydroponic sector.

Can Lite Plastic filters are easier to handle, they have the advantage of a connection flange that is totally removable and reusable. Attaching it to the filter will not require screws, just a turn of the flange until the click sound that confirms the correct installation is heard. There are two options available for the plastic filters, 100 and 125 cm. For Can Lite filters in steel, the flange is already mounted on the filter.

If the filters are used under proper conditions- 60-70 % of humidity and 80 ° of temperature, the life of a Can Lite filter will be at least 18 months.


Material: Plastic

Length: 45 cm

Weight: 1.8 kg

Carbon Weight: 1.2 kg

Diameter: 14.5 cm

Carbon Bed: 2.5cm

Carbon Type: Lite

Technical Capacity: 330 m3/h

Practical Capacity: 300 m3/h

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