BioTabs Starter Kit Pack

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BioTabs Starter Kit Pack

BioTabs Starter Kit Pack



BioTabs Starter Kit Is Certified Organic

The BioTabs Starter Kit Pack contains enough fertiliser to feed 5 plants from propagation all the way through to harvest. Simply mix the organic fertiliser into your growing media, add the beneficial fungi and bacteria, activate the ingredients with a watering of BioTabs liquid and away you go. The only thing you put in your reservoir is water, let BioTabs do the rest. The organic fertiliser and beneficials work together; creating a healthy root zone and nourishment for your plants.

Using organics in an AutoPot System used to be impractical, until we discovered BioTabs revolutionary slow-release plant fertiliser. They work in perfect harmony…

  •     Introducing BioTabs products.
  •     Sufficient for 5 to 10 plants, depending on the used pot size.
  •     Less work, better organic yields.
  •     Let nature do the work!
  •     Certified Organic.

BioTabs Starter Kit Contents:

Bactrex Packaging  25 Grams

BACTREX is a dry, water-soluble powder with a large number of beneficial soil and root microbes (including 6 strains of Bacillus spp.), fungi (Trichoderma) and actinomycetes. These ingredients are specially selected for their favourable effect on soil structure and fertility.

Mycotrex Packaging: 50 Grams

MYCOTREX is the most concentrated Mycorrihzial product on the market. Mycorrhizae are beneficial soil fungi that enter into symbiosis with the plants. They increase the effective reach of the roots, but actually functioning like roots. This leads to an increase of the uptake capacity of the roots by 700%. Can you imagine what it means for the health and growth rate of your plants if the roots are 700% larger than normal?! The plants can take up water and nutrients much more easily.

BioTabs Packaging: 10 tablets

The tablets contain a formula of slow-acting organic nitrogen, bone meal, blood meal, feather meal, fish meal, natural humic acids and beneficial soil bacteria. The beneficial soil bacteria improve the soil and contribute to the good uptake of the fertilizers, resulting in uniformly healthy growth without leaching of the fertilizers. The unique combination of fertilizers and soil bacteria ensure healthy growth and healthy soil.

Orgatrex Unit: 0.25 Litre

Orgatrex contains alfalfa meal, mixed molasses, kali vinasse, silicon oxide and rock dust as a basis for available micro-nutrients. GUARANTEED ANALYSIS 15-7-8 N:P:K+ balanced quantities of Zn, Cu, Ca, Mn, Mg, S, Si and Fe.

Startrex Packaging: 250 grams

The 3 most important components of STARTREX are fulvic acids, humus and  silicon. Fulvic acid is THE major transporter in nature. It enters plant cells and brings nutrients to the cells that need them.

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