Canna Boost Accelerator 10L

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Canna Boost Accelerator 10L

Canna Boost Accelerator 10L



To put it simply, a booster should help a plant take up nutrients. The uptake of nutrients depends on the plant's health and metabolic rate. The problem is that most 'boosters' are just additional nutrients. True boosters like CANNABOOST, however, really boost the metabolism of a plant and make it more healthy. But it's not easy to manufacture CANNABOOST. In this article we explain what it takes to make CANNABOOST and how it works in a plant.

What are the nutrients?

In order to understand how CANNABOOST works, we first have to understand what nutrients are. Most people know that plants need nutrients to grow, even if they may not know exactly what plant nutrients really are, or what they consist of.

Plants take up nutrients from the medium they are growing in through their roots system. The growing medium may be of natural origin, such as peat or coco, or it may be artificial, such as rock wool or clay pebbles.

Some plant species, like many orchids and other epiphytes (plants that grow non-parasitically on other plants) take up nutrients through their leaves. They use their roots system mainly for holding onto the branches or other structures on which they are growing.

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