Gekko Acoustic Box Fan 250mm - 2500m3/Hr

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Gekko Acoustic Box Fan 250mm - 2500m3/Hr

Gekko Acoustic Box Fan 250mm - 2500m3/Hr



Gekko Box Acoustic Box Fan 250mm - 2500m3/hr

Gekko acoustic Box fans don’t just look the part, they’ve been designed and engineered to operate at extremely low noise levels while moving incredible amounts of air. They are premium quality products, assembled in the UK using precision engineered components.

The highlights of the Gekko Fan are:

            Moisture resistant MDF panels to increase your box life.
            Hanging space saver option available to increase your grow potential.
            Maximum noise reduction.
            Torin Sifan Fan
            Roll top flange spigot to make connecting any ducting easier.
            Lightweight so you don’t break your back.
            U.K. Manufactured, quality in a box.
            PU and Screw assembled, let’s keep it together.
            Lead clamp.
            CNC precision cut.
            Range of sizes and air flow.

The Gekko Acoustic Box Fan is supplied with a female IEC Connector, so that it can easily be connected to a power supply with a standard kettle lead. The Gekko Acoustic Box Fan has a clamp which closes over the IEC connection, ensuring that the cable cannot be accidentally pulled out. The supplied male IEC cable is around 165cm long; locating the Gekko fan further away than this from a power supply will require the purchasing of a separate cable.

Range of sizes and air flow:

Noise level readings
Distance 3 meter

1000m3 – 53.2 db
1500m3 – 62.1 db
2500m3 – 64.2 db
3250m3 – 72.5 db
4250m3 – 66.2 db

DB tests performed using the CEM DT 805 Sound level meter at full RPM power without filter or ducting

Average decibel readings:

Whisper Quiet Library at – 6′ 30dB
Normal conversation in restaurant, office – 60-65dB
Vacuum cleaner – 70db
Living room music – 76db
Telephone dial tone, dishwasher – 80dB
City Traffic (inside car) – 85dB

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