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PLANT!T® Vermiculite 10L
PLANT!T® Vermiculite 10L
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PLANT!T® Vermiculite 10L

PLANT!T® Vermiculite

Perfect for propagation and water retention.

Another firm favourite with keen gardeners is vermiculite. When you want to retain water, then add vermiculite to your chosen media.

PLANT!T® Vermiculite is a natural, sterile soft mica mineral with great water holding and insulation properties. It also offers a high cation exchange capacity, which means that it will slowly release nutrients back to your plan that it has absorbed during watering. Using PLANT!T® Vermiculite can also aid propagation when used as a top layer, as it reduces evaporation and can help ensure the seed case is lost.

Using PLANT!T® Vermiculite also reduces plant stress in extreme weather conditions due to its insulation properties. PLANT!T® Vermiculite is easy and safe to handle, odourless, lightweight and simple to use.

PLANT!T® Vermiculite can be used for:

  • Propagation from seed – its retention of water makes it good for sustaining the growth of seeds
  • Potting compost for container planting – it retains moisture, protects against adverse weather and aids re-wetting
  • Soil conditioning – its excellent water holding capabilities makes it an excellent addition to sandy or poor soils
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