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Plagron Green Sensation 1L
Plagron Green Sensation 1L
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Plagron Green Sensation 1L

Pagron Green Sensation – for the highest yield and the best taste

Plagron green Sensation is a powerful, highly concentrated bloom stimulator. Green Sensation offers growers the increased yields associated with mineral simulators, with the taste and smell of organic growing, used for the final 4-6 weeks of flowering.


  • Plagron Green Sensation is a superb all-in-one bloom booster that stimulates plants during flowering to produce the biggest blooms that they can – all with the best possible quality and taste.
  • Green Sensation encourages your plants to have a prolific flowering period by increasing sugar production which vastly increases yields and quality in the final product.
  • Green Sensation also helps your plants to fend off diseases and stress during this critical period.
  • Green Sensation also includes quality phosphorous and potassium so that your plants have plenty of these essential nutrients when they are needed the most.
  • Used by many professional Dutch growers, Plagron has earned itself a great reputation for simplicity, reliability and quality – for very good reason!

Green sensation Use:

Dilute 1 ml with 1 litre of water (1:1000).  Add this dilution together with the basic food, every time you water. Start 4 weeks before the harvest. Short flowering from the fourth week. Medium flowering from the fifth week. Long flowering from the sixth week.

Green Sensation can be used on all substrates and in hydroponics and aeroponics.

First dilute Green Sensation with lukewarm water, than add to the nutrient container.

N-0, P-9, K-10

Green Sensation contains PK9-10, Amino acids and enzymes !!

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