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G.E.T Neem 1 Litre
G.E.T Neem 1 Litre
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G.E.T Neem 1 Litre

G.E.T Neem 1 Litre

From Growing Edge Technologies

Get the power of NEEM working for you! Sprayed on plants it provides a plant with a natural shine and protection from unwanted pests.

NEEM is derived from the Azadirachta Indica tree which grows in Asia and Africa. The Azadirachata Indica or NEEM tree is truly a hardy tree that has many characteristics that bugs do not like.

Neem can be used as both a preventative and a cure, and is effective against all commonly found grow room pests. The active compounds in Neem create hormonal disruptions within the insects, and can prevent them from feeding, breeding and metamorphosing which stops infestations.

Directions: Mix 3 to 7ml Neem with 1 Litre warm water, add 1 drop of liquid dish soap to help break oil retention. Spray the plants and soil around the plants. Do not use in the 5 weeks before harvest, as a bad taste on the fruit may occur.

Please note that Neem is an oil and can become solid in cooler temperatures

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