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Digital Dimmable Ballast Kit 600W
Digital Dimmable Ballast Kit 600W
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Digital Dimmable Ballast Kit 600W


1. The LUMii DIGITA ECO ballast is a fully electronic ballast.
This technology is micro-processor controlled and works at higher frequency (hertz) than the standard magnetic ballast meaning more light gets to your plants.
It is also more efficient meaning more output per watt of energy consumed.

The LUMii DIGITA ECO ballast is dimmable and also, has a boost setting for each lamp size meaning you can take control of the light output.

2. Eco Barn ReflectorThis self-wire horizontal reflector is incredibly lightweight, highly efficient and is great value for money.

3. The LUMii Sunblaster HPS offers exceptional high output. Couple this with raised spectral discharge in the reds and blues (exactly the right spectral energy distribution curves that your plants need to thrive) and a long lamp life and you have the perfect plant grow light.

LUMii have launched a range of HID Lamps. They are tailored to promote optimum development at each growth stage.

32,000 life hours, colour temperature 2000k.

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