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Prima Klima Industry Carbon Filter 125mm
Prima Klima Industry Carbon Filter 125mm
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Prima Klima Industry Carbon Filter 125mm

Prima Klima "Industrial line" is a carbon filter of very good quality that handles high humidity.


Using carbon filters remove all odors, pollen and other particles from your growing. You can connect the carbon filter before the fan so that it sucks in air from the space you grow in. The air blowing out of a fan with a carbon filter connected becomes 100% smells, pollen and particle free.
Remember that you should always buy a carbon filter with about 20% more capacity than the fan.

Max capacity: 280m3/h
Connection size: 125mm
Height: 20cm
Width: 25cm

In addition to the unbeatable quality of our activated carbon (used in all our filters) Prima Klima has also developed a proprietary technique to ensure that all the carbon settles perfectly in the filter. This means that every single cubic centimetre of activated carbon is fully exploited for its intended purpose: air filtration!

We use a higher carbon density in our Industry Line carbon filters that is subject to less movement and produces less carbon dust than competitor filters.

The Industry Line carbon filter boasts premium quality Prefilters and built-in hanging hooks for easier assembly, especially in horizontally mounted hanging positions.

Finally, the Industry Line boasts a longer lifetime than any competitor carbon filter—two years!

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