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The RAM 30cm (12″) Air Circulator 3 Speed
The RAM 30cm (12″) Air Circulator 3 Speed
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The RAM 30cm (12″) Air Circulator 3 Speed

Air movement is very important in your grow room as it strengthens up your plants and circulates the air around, creating more even temperatures throughout.

The RAM 30cm (12″) Air Circulator has a stylish chrome finish and a 100 degree tilt adjustment as well as a 3 speed motor.

Tip: Air circulators work in a different way to fans and are the best for moving air within a grow room. The correct way to use them to maximise their performance is to have them tilted upwards.


  • 100° Tilt Adjustable head
  • Quiet operation
  • Maximum air movement from premium motor
  • Finger safe mesh grill
  • Easy to use, no assembly required
  • Fitted with 1.8m power cord and plug

Size: 30cm (12″)

Power: 55w

Voltage: 220-240v AC, 50Hz

Speed: 3 fan speed settings

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