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SCROG Line Pro 1.0
SCROG Line Pro 1.0
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SCROG Line Pro 1.0

The SCROG LINE Pro, was designed and engineered from the ground up for maximizing yield, per garden space, per watt of light.
SCROG Line Pro comes in a very Easy to construct Flat pack design as pictured, which has been injection moulded for a finished sturdy product that once constructed will not fail.

  • Greater control over the training and supporting of your plants as well as making it easier for you to move a single pot.
  • Due to the flexibility of the plastic feet the SCROG Line Pro is suitable for any round or square plant pot.


SCROG Line Pro 1.0 – 50x50cm
4 x SCROG Line Pro 1.0 will fit perfectly into a 1m2 tent

SCROG Line Pro 1.2 – 60x60cm
4 x SCROG Line Pro 1.2 will fit perfectly into a 1.2m2 tent

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