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Plagron Coco Slabs 12l
Plagron Coco Slabs 12l
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Plagron Coco Slabs 12l

Plagron Cocos Slabs

Cocos Slab is the ideal substrate for the grower who prefers a natural and pure product. It is, fully buffered with a stable pH-value, in contrast to other substrates hydrological. Cocos Slab contains Trichoderma fungi to protect against evil. It also has a high water holding capacity which means less watering.

 Plagron Cocos Slab meets stringent quality requirements and has the RHP quality mark.

  • Easy to use
  • Contains no fertilizer
  • Is widely applicable
  • Guaranteed best washed coconut substrate on the market
  • Has the RHP quality mark
  • Shake off the Cocos Slab well before use.
  • Make sure the bottom of the Cocos Slab has adequate drainage holes.
  • Place the plants in the Cocos slab.
  • Add to any watering food and set the pH down to 5.5.
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