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Lumatek Ultimate Pro 600 watt 400V Ballast & Bulb Kit
Lumatek Ultimate Pro 600 watt 400V Ballast & Bulb Kit
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Lumatek Ultimate Pro 600 watt 400V Ballast & Bulb Kit

The Lumatek Ultimate Professional 600 watt 400 volt Digital Ballast & Bulb gives you all the great benefits of the standard Lumatek digital range such as low energy consumption, super lumens to raise your lamp output and dimmable options to vary the light output but they are also one of only a few ballasts designed to run professional level 400 Volt horticultural grow lamps. 


Benefits of the 400V ballasts:

  • Additional PAR Light Output – roughly 10% more
  • Improved PAR Light output maintenance
  • Improved internal electronic components
  • Soft Dim – Switching available while ballast on, 150w per 60 second change, reduces stress on bulb
  • Highest Energy efficiency - Converts more electricity into light
  • Sequential Switching Software – Detects loads when multiple ballast attempts to start and manages start times
  • Smart Start Algorithm – Prevents the risk of tripping your fuse board
  • Soft start technology – Gently heats up your bulb to increase its life span
  • Lumatek usual high quality build and reliability – 3 year warranty
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